Hundred Hole Hike- Artwork for Sale

I have decided to attempt another Hundred Hole Hike.  For those not familiar with the concept, you walk, playing golf, at least 100 holes in one day with no carts used.  I was able to accomplish this last year getting in 108 holes with several large blisters on my feet.  All of this is done to raise money for Nationwide Children Hospital’s NICU, which helped our twin daughters after they were born 10 weeks early.  I wanted to give back and was pleased with last years success.  So I am doing it again.

Last year I auctioned off my Pebble Beach’s 7th hole painting and this year I have decided to auction off my 12×36 inch painting of Chamber’s Bay’s 17th, par 3.  If you are interested the bidding starts at $500 and the good news is that you will be paying directly to Nationwide Children’s Hopsital so it is all tax deductible!  If you have any interest in the painting, please send me an email.  I have placed this painting on a couple different social media and will advise of bids, etc if you are seriously interested.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and here is a link to my hike if you are curious as to how it all works…

Chamber's Bay Hole 17 (12x36 inches)

Chamber’s Bay Hole 17 (12×36 inches)

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